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August 27


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I know no such word. That word died a long time ago, around the time everyone else died. It didn’t die alone though, it was joined by words like hope and freedom. Some people actually thought it would be better if they died with the word while others saw it more chivalrous if they died for it. I never understood those people, the ones who died for it, they were as worthless as those who died with it. I always seemed to go to the statement ‘there’s a reason why chivalry no longer exists’ when I think of them.


This was the freedom, the new version of hope. It was a word that we all craved to use and yet few of us have ever seen it. Those who claimed they have described it as nothing less than stunning. A true marvel to the eye and heart, causing those who have only heard tales to twitch and crave for it. I have never seen it and would rather not. I feared that if I laid eyes on this place then it would slowly disappear from my gaze, erase itself so that my hands would never grasp its magnificence. And yet even though I wanted to believe that such a place existed, a larger part of me knew that the tales were just that, tales.


A word we all knew so well. We practically dedicated our life to this word, hoping it would lay its hand on us every day. We are at its mercy; the mercy of the only word we knew for sure still exists. Each and every one of us are pawns on the board that Survival oversees. He plays with a wicked hand and a keen eye. He has no taste for those who are weak, that can’t support themselves, and hold up their own. When his acute eye lands on a piece that he deems as weak, he immediately tosses him out, no care and no pity, then gets back to watching the other pieces.

I was taught a long time ago that living was a privilege not a right. Every breath that escaped your lips and every beat your heart took should be cherished. Yet I began to wonder more and more if the Superior sector ever had to endure what we had to endure? I would sit on a tree and view their colorful cities, sparkling in the day time, and even more spangled in the night. Their walls seemed to be carved out of gold and diamonds must be encrusted along with them.

While they were behind the safety of walls, we were planted in a land full of beasts. Beasts that were also pawns on the great board of Survival, tossed out and rewarded just like us. There were only two things that we all knew for sure, two things that were engraved into our minds and the land so much it was impossible to forget. Two things that every occupant of this land knew.

1. Life was a privilege, one that could be taken away quicker than given.
2. Every man for himself, no matter what.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, and Adventure


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